CHS Follow-Up

The investigation into the alleged incident is now with the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office.


CHS Rally in November

Cassandra Roshu, Editor in Chief

In reaction to recent events surrounding sexual assault allegations against a Clackamas High School student, Dean of Students Danielle McKay says that “As an administrative staff, we are recognizing that there is a need for even more information and support regarding sexual assault at CHS.” 

For students at Clackamas that are looking for community support, the school is providing communication with a social worker, counselors, mental health partners, and school resource officers. The Student Management Office and school social worker are also collaborating to hold processing groups where students can receive more education on sexual assault, consent, how to report, and more. McKay says that the administration is currently working with students and clubs on how they can offer further support. 

“Just know that the SSO/SMO and this administration are open to hearing from students on any concerns they have in general, not just with sexual assault. We are committed to addressing those concerns and directing students to the appropriate experts. We are going to continue with our processing circles, work with the district to see about an all-school opportunity, make resources available to students, and continue to take steps towards fostering the school community that CHS desires to be.”