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Ratings don't last.  Great journalism does. - Dan Rather

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Ratings don't last.  Great journalism does. - Dan Rather

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Ratings don't last.  Great journalism does. - Dan Rather

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Clackamas High School’s New Parking Policy

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Clackamas Higjh School

Sam Glenn, a senior at Clackamas High School, is struggling to adjust with the new change in policy regarding parking permits. When asked how he feels regarding the switch to non designated parking in the school’s parking lot he said, “My assigned parking spot was great, but then it got removed to where we can park anywhere, so now my spot is always taken.”

So you may be wondering, why switch to a free for all in the schools parking lot when many students were fine with their assigned spots? Clackamas High school’s principal Alssya Engle explains the new policy saying, “We still have parking passes, just made a few shifts in the system to make it better for students.” 

Originally, the school sent out an email to seniors (as they get top priority to the parking passes), to fill out a google form to apply for a parking pass. Once the seniors applied, juniors later received an email reminding them to complete a Parking Permit Application before 3:30 on Friday September 8th. Students participated in a lottery that started during the morning of September 11th, and obtained the remaining parking spaces since there isn’t enough for the over 2,000 students attending CHS. Students who were selected got another email confirming their parking permit, and how to pay the outstanding fees and $70 parking fee. 

However, instead of students having an assigned spot, students now can park anywhere they want in the parking lot or in areas that abide by the law. When asked why Sam thinks the school ruled out assigned parking, he replied saying, “Because crying sophomores and lazy juniors didn’t like that they were at the back of the parking lot away from the school.” One suggestion that is popular amongst teachers is that students keep parking in other people’s parking spaces, which later ended in several students voicing their complaints about how their spot was taken. As a result, the system for the parking permits underwent some changes that consist of students not having their designated spot and instead parking wherever they can. 

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Students at Clackamas High School have a diverse set of opinions regarding the change. Some students are not used to the change as they were secure in their assigned parking spot. Some students don’t mind the change as they feel it’s easier since they experienced their spots being taken from them, and others simply don’t care as they don’t have a parking permit and don’t think the change is significant. When asked how he thinks this will affect the student body at CHS, Sam answered saying, “I think overall it resolved the problem as most didn’t care too much other than it would’ve worked better if they were to let them select where they wanted their parking spots to be in the first place.” Though now that the change is permanently set, how will CHS students continue to adjust to this new policy?

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