• Presidential Election: Despite election debate and awareness among young voters on social media being the most intense it has ever been, the 18-29 year old and 30-44 year old voters make up the same percentage of the electorate as they did in 2016.

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The Compass is dedicated to providing the student body at NCSD12 high schools with information about school, local, state and national events. The content is created by students in the newspaper class held at the Sabin-Schellenberg Proffessional Technical Center. Students attending SSC come from the three home high schools; Clackamas, Milwaukie and Rex Putnam.

The Compass follows the basic principle of student rights and press freedoms as presented by Journalism Education Association.

The Journalism Education Association upholds the rights of students to exercise freedom of expression as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and incorporated into all of the states by the Fourteenth Amendment.

Student journalists have the right to report on and editorialize about controversial and crucial events in the school, community, nation and world. However, they must observe the same legal responsibilities as those imposed upon all news media. Thus, student journalists must refrain from publications of material which:

  •  Is obscene, by legal definitions,
  •  Is libelous, by legal definitions,
  •  Creates a clear and present danger of immediate material and substantial physical disruption of the school.

Faculty advisers or school administrators shall not subject student publications to prior restraint or censorship.

The Compass is dedicated to providing the student body with information about school, local, state and national events and issues.

Opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily those of The Compass staff, high school student body, faculty, administration or school board. Signed columns and letters to the editor solely represent views and opinions of the writer.

Letters to the editor are encouraged. Letters will be printed as written except in cases where the material is obscene, libelous or potentially disruptive to normal school procedures. Letters to the editor must be signed, however, names will be withheld on writer’s request with legitimate reasons.

Deliver letters to the editor to  Schellenberg Room 106 (Day 2) or Lorraine Stratton’s mailbox.

Advertising is available at $50 month for a static advertisement.

The Compass belongs to National Scholastic Press Association, the Northwest Scholastic Press Association and Oregon Journalism Education Association.

The Compass Staff  Email:

mailto: [email protected]


Mail may be delivered to:

The Compass c/o Lorraine Stratton, adviser
Schellenberg Center
4450 SE Johnson Road
Milwaukie, OR 97267



The Compass Staff Phone: (503) 353-5900 Ext. 37646
Adviser Phone:
(503) 353-5910 Ext. 37711
FAX: (503) 353-5915

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