Election Night Coverage

Last night November 6, 2018 was the midterm elections. The previous governor Kate Brown was in the running again this year still representing the Democratic Party. The Republican candidate running against her, Knute Buehler came in second last night with 749,499 votes while Kate Brown governor for the last 4 years was re-elected last night with 832,673 votes putting her back in the governor’s chair.The midterm election of Oregon in 2018 came to a close last night, November 6th. Many interesting and pressing concerns were put to rest last night which included: the governor’s race, the ballot measures, the house and senate seats, North Clackamas School District Levy, the state representatives, and more.The ballot measures concluded last night, with only one of them passings out of the five possible. Measure 102, the measure that advocated using bonds to build affordable housing passed with a 56.3% to 43.7%. Measure 103 achieved a vote no to keep the lack of taxes from our groceries in this state. Measure 104, defines raising revenue for the three-fifths vote requirement for bills raising revenue, reached a consensus of no which allows money to be more easily obtained. Measure 105, repeals law forbidding state resources from being used to apprehend persons violating federal immigration laws, attained a vote of no which means that it is illegal for the federal government to pull an immigrant over for just being an immigrant. Finally, measure 106, prohibits public funds from being spent on abortions, swung a vote of no which describes how public funds will be spent on abortions and allows Planned Parenthood to thrive and be a resource for women.The North Clackamas School District Levy passed last night which provides funds for teaching positions and money for equipment that the schools need to thrive. It also provides a full school year for 2019.