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Net Neutrality

Kathryn Ashenberner, Staff Reporter

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Net Neutrality is the principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content. Net Neutrality has been a battle for a while now whether we are keeping it or not.There has been quite a few of protests and marches to keep net neutrality. Back in December people gathered in front of Verizon stores on December 7th, 2017 to keep their Net Neutrality.

If we okay the removal of Net Neutrality we will have to pay for things like Facebook or Google monthly instead of the way it is now. Barack Obama was the president that came up with Net Neutrality and now president Trump wants to get rid of it all. It was actually Ajit Pai’s proposal to get rid of it. Ajit Pai is a Telecommunications director who serves as the Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission.

Three people were interviewed on this topic. When asked if Net Neutrality will affect them, Daralynn Laughman said that she is not happy about the change because “It will cost me more money!” Daralynn’s husband, Jim Laughman said “Honestly they won’t (affect his life), Oregon is initiating their own Net Neutrality rules in defiance of the FCC”. The Federal Communications Commission is an independent agency of the United States government.

When John (last name was asked to be kept private) was asked if he thinks this affect him, he said “It’s gonna save me money. Netflix will pay comcast for internet service and comcast will pass those savings onto me.” John also said that he has heard of the states enacting their own Net Neutrality rules. “Trump needs to take away their federal funding to bring them in line.” says John when asked his opinion on the situation. “Ahh I have and it’s going to be big trouble for ISP because there’s going to end up being fifty different rules.” Jim replied when asked if he and Daralynn knew about the states enacting their own rules. ISP is short for internet service provider.

With this change ISPs will be able to censor what we see online and they can control what information flows through the media to the citizens. Net Neutrality was a good thing and most of us are sad to see it go but with the states enacting their own rules who knows what will happen.

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Net Neutrality