Social Life in Happy Valley & Necessary Safety Precautions

Willy Zybachynskyi, Reporter

As of today, October 8th, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has killed 211,750 people in the US, according to The New York Times. Despite those numbers rising every day, people seem to care less about the pandemic as time goes on. When all of this started, people were very cautious, streets were empty almost 24/7, and hardly anyone dared to get in proximity of anyone that’s not their immediate family member. Now, people are wanting to live their lives again. But if not done correctly, people “living their life” might lead to very negative impacts. 

Take as example Happy Valley Park, a local park where many come to gather, relax, and unwind. Pictured is a playground that is in the park. It is surrounded by a fence and inside are some people. The fence seems to open up as an entrance to the playground. While there were rumors that local parents pulled the gates open, that cannot be confirmed as true. When asked about the use of the playground, the Happy Valley administrative assistant, Katie Coffey, said “Yes our playgrounds at Happy Valley Park are open, but we are asking patrons to maintain physical distancing and follow the posted signs related to maximum occupants. Playgrounds are specifically limited to 10 persons at a time. We are also encouraging visitors to be diligent about washing hands and using hand sanitizer.”

The exact number of patrons in the photo is difficult to count, but there are at least 7 inside the fenced playground. And despite the posted signs, none of them are wearing a mask, and some are definitely closer than 6 feet apart. People can also be seen outside the playground area, while not wearing masks. 

Putting a mask on while in proximity to people is not a difficult task, but it is a necessary one to help stop the spread of this virus. Maintaining distance from people is not difficult either, and it is also helpful in preventing contraction. Staying home all the time is very difficult, so it’s good to visit your local park every once in a while, but it is important to follow the safety precautions such as those placed in the Happy Valley Park.