Competing in Cosmetology


Placing for Nationals.

Rachel Schommers, Reporter

Chelsea Perkins is 16 and has been intrigued by cosmetology from a very young age. For Chelsea it is not all about turning people from “ugly” to “pretty” like many cosmetologists like to put it toxically, “I have always been interested in enhancing other people’s beauty. It’s always been such a fun thing for me and I love to see how happy people get.” I have known Chelsea for less than a year, but with extreme confidence.  

As aforementioned, one of her main interests was occupied by her love for cosmetology. Since she was a little girl she would love to play with makeup and hair and all that girly girl stuff, but inside of school, she has only been part of the cosmetology program for about a year, in which she has learned a lot. I can say, from personal experience, that Chelsea is very talented and always makes sure you are comfortable with what she is doing and how and just all of it. I asked her if she was planning on using her profound knowledge of cosmetology in her future career, to which she responded, “I’m not really sure since I’m not sure about what I will be doing when I’m doing a career. But maybe, cause I do love doing it.” So it’s safe to say that it could very well be an option. 

Last weekend there was an important cosmetology competition for state and Chelsea was one of the contenders. The competition was not specifically about who wins and loses, but the focus was on getting more comfortable in a social setting and getting more practice. It was about bettering your skills in a social setting and if you win you get to go to Georgia for a bigger competition, but that’s not the crucial bit. There are many different categories one can compete in, but Chelsea chose to do hair. Chelsea did an intricate updo style on a mannequin head and landed second place. Sadly, she won’t be able to go to Georgia, but second place is still very impressive.