Superheros Refusing to Hide Their Identity.


“Batman” returns to NCSD

Malia Saucedo, Reporter

Superheroes have begun to show up in our day-to-day lives. At least that’s what one kid is trying to make happen. Isaak Trejo, a 16-year-old Junior at Rex Putnam High School, is a guy who enjoys spending time dressed as a few well-known superheroes. If you are lucky, you might see him swinging around the halls at school as Spider-man, or riding around in his Batmobile at the nearest mall dressed as Batman. 

We don’t always see people like this, those who do what makes them happy while not caring how other people might react or think of them, and to this Isaak replies, “We all only have one life, so spend it doing what makes you happy or there’s no point.” Too many people don’t wear what they want or say what is on their minds, because they are afraid of what others may think of them, however, this is not the case with Isaak.

Isaak was once one of those people who always overthinks everything they do. Critiquing every action before they take it. He had not yet realized that we shouldn’t change ourselves to blend in with everybody else. Eventually, he knew that a change in mindset was needed. He began to say to himself, “People are too worried about whether others are thinking about them, that they are too busy to think about you or what you are doing with your life.” It was a hard transition for Isaak to go from being self-conscious about every move he made, to not caring at all about what anybody thinks of him, but he stated, “It was one of the best decisions I ever made.” This decision led him to post on his TikTok account (@icytmedia) videos of himself in these costumes, and he gained over 75k followers. We should all learn from Isaak and recognize that worrying too much about what others may perceive us as may be preventing us from being our true selves. We should also be on the lookout for an open portal at the viewing of the new movie coming out, where Isaak will be going through as Doctor Strange!