The SABSCH Student Store Returns—and It’s Better Than Ever


The student store on Schellenburg’s campus.

Set to open in mid to late October, the student store on the North campus of the Sabin-Schellenberg center has taken the time in lockdown to plan how they’ll make the student store something better for the returning students. The manager of the store, Ms. Carol, and her team of students have worked hard and taken a lot of feedback from other students to figure out how they’ll come back from quarantine with a fresh, student-targeted start. 

The store will be returning in a new location with a new look; last year the store was located in the gymnasium, but now it has its own space and really feels like a mini-mart inside of the learning center. All requests, suggestions and advice have been taken from the students and store staff who said they wanted a lounge-like space to hang out. The store’s front room will be equipped with seating areas and charging stations. 

There will be more food, drink and apparel options, all set at prices that students can afford; ranging anywhere from one to five dollars. Food and drinks range anywhere from cookies, coffees, hot chocolate and smoothies to energy drinks and bottled water. There’s new apparel in stock as well—consisting of hoodies, t-shirts, water bottles and more. To keep with traditions, the store plans on releasing seasonal items, such as picking a color theme and putting items that fit said color up for sale. However none of this is set in stone, as the team is still working hard to expand the options.

The student store is called the student store for more reasons than one. It’s meant for the students of Sabin-Schellenberg to buy things from, it is also student run. The student store is supported by a non-profit organization known as DECA, or Distributive Education Clubs of America, which helps emerging leaders and entrepreneurs get a headstart before graduating. Businesses, usually school-based, will be able to sell and retail items in order to give its members a look into what lies ahead if they choose to start businesses and/or work for one.