Possible Gunman Taken Into Custody in Florida High School Shooting

Shelby Schrein, Story Editor

Police in Florida have detained a white male following a late afternoon shooting at a local high school.  Officers, including members of the Broward County SWAT team, have been on scene at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where reports began following an apparent fire drill late Wednesday afternoon.  More than 3,000 students attend the school that went into lockdown immediately.  Parents were notified of the ongoing situation via text and voicemail from the school district.

Unconfirmed reports indicated possibly 20 people, including students and possibly teachers, had been injured in the shooting incident.  Students texting from the scene said they heard other students crying out for help while others hid in classrooms and in closets.

Students said that they saw three dead but but that has not been confirmed.  Reports indicate at least two people were on stretchers and many people are on the ground. A local congressman is confirming that law enforcement does know who the shooter is and that there have been man injuries.  Senator Bill Nelson says he has been told there are a number of fatalities.

The Compass will update with more information as it becomes available