Racism In Schools

Anjeleaka Arnold, Staff Reporter

Many students have been affected by racism in schools around the world and it continues to grow over time.

Two students from the North Clackamas school district Alli Wilkins and Dominick Garcin were both interviewed about racism in school and they claimed that they both have seen racism take place in their schools. They both have had friends that have been affected by it and they’ve also witnessed it first hand more than once. Dominick stated that a lot of the students in his school tell Racist jokes. Alli believes that racism will increase in the future and Dominick thinks that racism will decrease.

According to an article in The Nation by Steve Hsieh, during the years 2011 through 2012, black students were expelled almost 3 times as much as white students. The same article states that one in five disabled girls of color received an out of school suspension while African American, Latino, and Native American students who went to schools with higher concentrations of first-year teachers than white students.

Our perspective and their perspective is very different. There has been children and adults suffering from racism all over the country and Oregon over the years. An article in The Oregonian by Nicole Dungca stated that a former student from Kraxberger Middle School attorneys filed a federal lawsuit against the Gladstone School District saying that the student was being faced with discrimination. The attorneys stated that the school district and their employees had been tolerating racial discrimination without doing anything about it for almost a whole year. This is just more proof that racism is a huge problem for schools across the country including Oregon and is continuing to grow at a very fast rate.