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Ratings don't last.  Great journalism does. - Dan Rather

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Ratings don't last.  Great journalism does. - Dan Rather

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Ratings don't last.  Great journalism does. - Dan Rather

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Teachers of Portland Public Go on Strike

Lisa Coffman

11/1/23 1:00 pm Update:  A status update by PAT leadership is posted on Facebook social media.   Video included from PAT.

PAT Facebook Announcement


Nov. 1 Update: After months of negotiations leading nowhere, 98.9% of teachers in the Portland Public School District voted to go on strike. As of the early morning of November 1st, 2023, they are already at the picket line; educators against administrators. Thousands of teachers, staff, and students,  are standing outside of schools in the rain with their signs. Many say they are prepared to be there for days or weeks. This strike makes history, being the first strike in PPS history.

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One of the teachers striking outside of Lane Middle School says, “Can’t teach if you can’t plan, and can’t give meaningful feedback if you can’t grade”. PPS Educators are contracted to work for 7-8 hours for 192 days. Out of those 192 days, 172 days are for teaching and being in the classroom. The remaining are for planning and grading. The district has been working on lessening the planning and grading days in exchange for more teaching days. Not only are they taking away grading and planning days, but teachers have been told to stay after school once a week for 90-minute meetings that are not paid in overtime. The sum of that is roughly 2,520 hours or 105 days. 

This is only a single reason for teachers going on strike, as there are many factors at play. Such as environmental safety, student discipline, class size limits, and mental health support. The district has already closed down school for Thursday, November 2nd and classes will continue to be shut down until an agreement can be reached. This story is ongoing and updates are to come.

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