SSC Automotive Student Wins Big!


Isabelle Silva, Senior Reporter

Megan McCausland is a Clackamas High School Senior who has been attending classes at Sabin- Schellenberg Center, specializing in automotive and management for three years. Megan has just received a rare opportunity to continue her education thanks to the Ford Corporation.  Once Megan graduates from Clackamas she will work at getting her four-year Business degree with Ford. While still taking all of her classes at Clackamas she took online classes with Ford and got numerous certificates with the automotive company.

While working in automotive over the past three years, Megan says some of the guys she has been learning with have “opened up, and accepted me”. Megan also says there is still a group of guys in her class that has not been as accepting. She says, ”They don’t listen, they just won’t accept a girl in a higher position.” 

The person who inspired her to pursue automotive was her father. While just starting out in automotive she got many negative comments towards her from other students working around her, which were primarily males. Her teacher was very supportive throughout the years of pursuing her dream to be in automotive. She stated, “Some gender bias…not being respected because I’m a girl in a guys field.” 

For any of the girls who don’t feel confident or feel that they belong in the field they want to pursue, Megan says, “Go for your dreams, no matter what anyone else has to say.”