Nelson Wrestling Team


Ruby Connelly, Senior Reporter

Wrestling is often a very overlooked sport and rarely gets any time in the spotlight, even though it takes a lot of time, effort, determination, and hard work. Thousands of athletes around the country compete in the sport every year. And Nelson’s team is no different. Their season has been extremely successful with multiple athletes going to compete at the state meet. The team is coached by Mark Lynch. This year’s season ended with many memories and accomplishments by every athlete.

Some of the athlete’s favorite memories are things like “ Times that we all just couldn’t stop laughing at practice.” says sophomore Kylie Green. Along with the great memories made on the mats this year, the team also worked extremely hard together leading four of their teammates to state, Kaden Sullivan (junior) Conner Wren (Freshman) Dominic Macon (sophomore), and Conner Abraham ( Freshman).

Dominic Macon says that he’s excited about “ going to state and competing to the best of my ability with the best of the best other heavyweights.” and is looking forward to “ With all the excitement this season the team is looking forward to the upcoming seasons and is eager to see what comes next for Adrienne C. Nelson wrestling program. “I’m looking forward to the people that are going to join the team to build even more community than we already have,” says Green. And is looking forward to progressing individually and as a team. “ watching the team to progress and get better individually,” says Macon. Though this is only the beginning for the Nelson wrestling program they have had so much success already and have a bright future ahead of them. To encourage students to consider going out for wrestling for the 2023-2024 season next winter Dominic Macon says  “It makes you better at all aspects of life. It teaches you discipline, hard work keeps going when times are tough.”