CHS Senior Hits the Les Schwab Bowl

Jake Bushman Also Anchors KNCB Sports Desk.


Jake Bushman now plays for his dad in college.

Carley Beatty, Senior Reporter

2019 marks the 72nd anniversary of the all-star football game, the Les Schwab Bowl. This year, the game will be played on Saturday, June 15th at the Hillsboro Stadium. Kickoff will take place at 6pm. This game features the top graduating seniors from Oregon high schools. Some of whom are Jobadiah Malary from Barlow, Zakayas Dennis-Lee from Oregon City, Dawson Jolley from West Linn, Damian Merrick from Sunset, Jake Bushman from Clackamas, Marshaun Tucker from Churchill, and many more.


“Prior to the actual game, the players and coaches share a week of activities that build lifelong friendships. The teams are housed at Pacific University and practice twice a day in preparation for the game. Throughout the week, players go out into the community with various nightly activities and service projects including hospital visits and coaching / mentoring at-risk youths” (“Les Schwab Tires Bowl Info”). The Les Schwab Bowl is a really awesome event, and is full of lots of fun and hard work.


Jake Bushman is a senior at Clackamas High School. He says, “It is a really blessing opportunity, first of all, to be able to play in this game; it’s an honor. And it’s gonna be such a fun week to be able to compete with some of the best players in the state of Oregon. When you look at the list…you just realize that you’re playing with a lot of really good dudes, and that’s something you’ve got to be appreciative about.” Furthermore, Bushman explains that he has to give credit to “Clackamas and all the coaching staff that has impacted [his] playing ability…without them, [he] wouldn’t be able to play in this game.”


Bushman says it has always been a goal for him to play in the Les Schwab Bowl. In fact, his dad played in this same game when he was a senior is high school. He says, “When I knew I was a senior, coming into this year…I had pretty much two goals for first team all-state, and [to] have the opportunity to play in the Les Schwab Bowl…[fortunately], I was blessed to be honored with both.” This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Bushman, as well as the other graduating seniors who were chosen. He is most excited to “Spend time with people from different schools… [and to get to] practice all week.” He recognizes that “It’s about the experience too, not just the game on Saturday. To be able to practice twice a day, and be able to do activities outside of it…that’s something [he’s] really excited about.” Overall, the whole week is going to be very exciting for everyone involved.


There are a few things that inspire him to work hard in football. Including his family who has always supported him and had his back. Bushman says, “The least I can do… [is] leave it all on the field for my family and a lot of close people who believe in me in life…but also [for] the man upstairs who gives me the opportunities that I do. You’ve gotta give a high-five to Him, because without Him these opportunities are not for granted.” Bushman gets a lot of support from people and from God, and he’s successful in using them as motivation and inspiration out on the field.


The Les Schwab Bowl, an all-star football game, features several amazing graduating senior athletes. Jake Bushman being one of them. He is excited for the opportunity, and is looking forward to not only playing in the game, but also for the week prior. It will be a week filled with new experiences, hard work, fun, learning, growth, and team bonding. This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the Les Schwab Bowl, and it’s going to be a good one!