Putnam Volleyball

Marissa Bradshaw, Staff Reporter


Six players on the court each with different backgrounds but all work together. The Rex Putnam volleyball team made history once again by making the playoffs for the first time in twenty-two years. The players worked hard during club and offseason to improve their skills. The team also learned to work together on the court. The teams togetherness was a important factor in their playoff run.  When setter Claire Gosson was asked the feeling after making the playoffs she said, “So excited not just that we did it for the first time but that we reached our goal.”

Putnam’s record vastly improved from the years past. This year the team won 12 out 23 games including tournaments.

The team battled through the season and won the in-play game against The Dalles. The next step was the playoffs; the battle was on for the Kingsmen who played against the top ranked, Corvallis. This was a new experience for the Kingsmen, nerves were at a all time high but the girls played their hardest. Putnam lost to Corvallis, three matches to one.  

Gosson says the season was successful even though their run at the playoffs was short. She is excited for the upcoming season and glad the team is making a change.