The Pain of Dog Abuse

Luis Martinez, Reporter

Dogs can cheer you up and make you happy when you are sad. They can make you live a long and life and there are a wide variety of breeds for every type of person. They give you unconditional love and are always there for you, but it isn’t always reciprocated. Dogs are amazing, but there are people who take advantage of the dog’s affection and abuse them. Dogs do a lot of good for humanity and we don’t deserve them if we can’t treat them right. There should be background checks on people. Just like owning a gun, in order to own a dog there needs to be a way to know if a person is sweet and kind or just messed up.


Dogs are abused all the time and there is not much we can do to find the dogs that are being abused.  There are 900 to 2000 cases of people mistreating and hoarding dogs, according to People who take advantage of their poor pooch need help and possibly a good ol’ jail sentence. There are 3 types of mistreaters. One of them, typically are mean people with anger issues and low patience who can’t find a way to take their anger out appropriately, so they take it out on their dog and this in return results in them harming their dog at the heat of the moment, usually because the dog does something repulsive to them. The other type of abuser is an abuser that harms their dog for pleasure. This type of person is someone who practices bestiality and uses them for their own fun, or they harm dogs in an attempt to get a kick out of it. The last type of abusers are neglectors that simply don’t care about their dog and instead neglect them. The dog could be hungry, and thirsty, but the irresponsible person isn’t going out there anytime soon. One sign of neglect is if the dog is constantly in your garden, or yard eating your food and it looks very thin, then most likely it hasn’t only not been fed recently, but it hasn’t been fed properly in a long time and it is not getting the care that it needs  


While these people can be caught for abusing their dog, it’s a lot better to take drastic measures in order to prevent dogs from being in the wrong hands. Just like owning a gun, you can do a background check on people who are going to own pets. There are many ways that we can prevent dogs from suffering nightmares by giving people a background check before they own a dog. When it comes to owning a gun the National Public Radio suggests that background checks can curb crime significantly, and has lowered the chances of criminals getting guns.  If a background check on guns works on stopping the access to criminals, then a background check to know if someone is suitable to own a dog, might also help curb the reported 900-2000 cases and prevent dogs from being in the hands of wrongdoers.


With background checks, it would be possible to look into the person themselves and their mental health.  They can even be done on families too. If the abuser has anger issues and he tends to snap a lot, then maybe a dog isn’t the best pet for him. People with anger issues can have abusive tendencies and a background check would give us their record to see if they have a past of violent criminal acts. If a criminal isn’t afraid to kill a human in the past, then it’s possible the person will target a dog. A dog is a small defenseless creature against an adult and when the person has had their fix, and murdered the dog, they can dispose of the body easily and a get another dog the next day. It’s super easy for perpetrators to go through many dogs at once, but with a background check each time, the length would discourage them. These checks also take in what age the person is, as a 40 year old man may have more mental health problems than a 25 year, which makes them more likely, but at the same time a 60 year old man might also be too old and weak to do much harm to a dog. The background check can also help cover things, like if the person is sexually active and if there’s a chance he can abuse the dog.

These analyses can give us wonderful info about the type of person we are giving a loving creature to. They have the potential to save thousands of dog from going into bad homes with bad people. Background checks would make the lives of dogs much better, and while the people that do pass the background check, get a dog, they will eventually get caught also and put into their own cage.