Abortion Debate Heats Up

Oakley Pastoor Price, Reporter

In 1973, abortion was decriminalized with the Roe v Wade case. Before this the court said that they were protecting women’s health and protecting prenatal life by making abortion illegal. Since then abortion has been a hot topic with many different opinions and sides. Some of the most recent news concerning abortion is that Alabama has passed a law stating that its a felony for doctors to perform or attempt abortions and they may get up to 99 years in prison if found guilty. This bill has no exceptions for rape or incest.


Before the Roe v Wade case was passed abortion was illegal in 30 states because it was considered to be an exception to the fundamental right to privacy as it is not absolute and must be balanced with the government’s interest with protecting prenatal life and women’s health. By 1900 in the United States, abortion was considered a common law crime but during the Roe v Wade case Justice Blackmun said that the criminalization of abortion did not have “roots in the English common-law tradition”


According to a document given out by the biggest GOP ideological conservative caucus in the House, conservative leaders are urging members to defend the Alabama law by saying that letting women get a abortion would be committing more violence against a woman who has already survived rape or incest.  This document states “Committing a second violent act with abortion to a woman who has already been victimized by an act of rape or incest could physically or psychologically wound her further,”. It continues by saying “Every single child should be afforded the opportunity to live, regardless of how they were conceived.”


Having a mother carry a baby to term when that baby is unwanted is immoral, especially if the baby is a product of rape or incest. With women who have survived rape 50% of them experience a lifetime prevalence of PTSD and 94% percent of women who have survived rape or sexual assault experience PTSD for two weeks after. Making a women carry a baby to term that is a physical reminder of that traumatic experience is unhealthy for both the victim and child.


While Alabama is banning abortion they are also doing nothing to fund foster care systems. In Alabama 49% of the case plan goals are reunification and adoption is only 23%. This makes it apparent that Alabama is doing nothing to save children, they’re just trying to control women’s bodies.