NCSD School Board Candidate – Aimee Reiner – Part 3


Candidate Aimee Reiner with Patriot Prayer member Quincy Franklin.

Aimee Reiner is running for the North Clackamas School Board in this upcoming May 16th election. Reiner is a parent of a special needs student that was formerly in the NCSD, and she has noted that improper education for her child was her original motivation for running. Reiner is interested in providing more education equity for all students, specifically highlighting the need for better special education. Even though she has no working background in education she claims, “As a seasoned sales professional, youth soccer coach, and HOA board member, I bring a wealth of experience in working with diverse groups and ensuring that everyone has a voice”, which makes her a good candidate for the school board. 

Reiner claims that her special needs child was denied face-to-face learning due to mask requirements during the pandemic which led to the decision to take her child out of public learning. She explains that before the pandemic she was able to make a specialized education program for her child in unison with the district, and she is interested in implementing a similar system of parents being more involved in their students’ education for all children in the district. This involves efforts for parents to be more involved in building the classroom curriculum, as well as an attempt to give parents a voice to ban certain books in the district libraries. Reiner claims that certain books that are available in the district’s libraries contain pornographic messages that are traumatizing students. Reiner plans to increase transparency and communication around classroom activities so that parents can be more engaged in the learning process. 

As for public support, Reiner has been endorsed by Ben West, the Clackamas County Commissioner, as well as a couple of parents from the district, and the Oregon Moms Union. The Oregon Moms Union is a group within Oregon that promotes more parental involvement in their children’s education. They encourage parents to take an active role in their local education system to ensure their kids always come first. Reiner has also been seen taking photos with Quincy Franklin, a proud right-wing “preacher”, as he refers to himself. Franklin has made numerous homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise offensive remarks across his Instagram and Twitter. He is also a strong supporter of the Patriot Front group which is a white supremacist Neo-Nazi group within the United States. 

Reiner is running for the school board as a part of a conservative coalition with candidates Angela Pederson, Courtneigh Swerzbin, and Tara Nelson. The Compass will have live coverage of the election on the evening of May 16th.