MHS and PHS Secure Students


Alexis Boyer, Editor in Chief

Major disruptions at Milwaukie and Rex Putnam today in the North Clackamas School District. At Milwaukie, there was a lockdown for over an hour due to unknown reasons. There was a “hold and secure” at Rex Putnam, also for unknown reasons. The staff at Rex Putnam relayed a message to students, via email, that the threats were deemed “not credible” and that there was no threat to the school but the school still remained in the hold and secure status. 

There were early reports that there was a teen with a gun inside the building at Milwaukie High School. The police came into the school and were going room to room trying to find anyone who could have a weapon. Students were surprised and frightened to see police officers were armed with assault rifles. Milwaukie was released from lockdown around 12:45 pm. Some students reported they saw teachers crying and students claimed they heard “flash bangs”. Students were not given any information about why the school was in lockdown. Milwaukie parents were also not notified that the school was in lockdown or why students were being kept in lockdown.  

At 1:02 students at Milwaukie were released to leave the school. Many students are being picked up by their parents at the school.