Crosstown Rivalry Heats Up!


Recently split, Clackamas High School took on cross-town rival Adrienne C. Nelson in volleyball and football this week. The rivalry, which is still looking for a definite name, began last year when half of Clackamas’s student population moved to the new Adrienne C. Nelson high school. Last year Clackamas took most of the rivalry victories, sweeping volleyball, football, men’s soccer, women’s basketball, and track, with women’s soccer tying their game and men’s basketball going 1-1. But this year, there’s a new trend. 

This past Thursday night the Nelson volleyball team swept Clackamas in three straight sets. With some of Clackamas’ best players graduating last year, and Nelson adding a new freshman edition to their starting lineup, it was bound to be a good matchup. But Nelson pulled out a big win at home to continue their successful season. Nelson volleyball has now won both of their two scheduled games against clackamas this season. 

And late Friday night the football team came out with a victory as well. The rivalry game was expected to have a close score, even though Clackamas blew out Nelson just last year. The game was close, Nelson would lead, then Clackamas would lead, back and forth all four quarters. In the end, the two teams were tied 35-35, and so, overtime began. Both teams got an opportunity to score from their offensive 25-yard line. A touchdown pass followed by a defensive interception ultimately won Nelson the game. 

The rivalry matchups are looking up for Nelson this year. A feat that would have seemed impossible last year. Nelson men’s and women’s soccer compete against Clackamas on October 10th to round out the fall sports rivalry games.