Coronavirus Update



Superintendent Shay Janes informed staff and NCSD families last night to be prepared for possible educational delivery changes.  “We have been working diligently to keep our schools open, but our staff and students are already experiencing increased illness just like our community. In the past three days, our district contact tracing team has received four times as many reports of illness than it was investigating in a whole week prior to winter break. This increase means it is possible that significant staff shortages may require us to move classrooms or schools to temporary remote learning. Please know that this will be our last choice, but we must be prepared to act quickly to keep our students and staff safe. 

In the coming days, NCSD will likely take new precautions with activities and events outside of the classroom, such as limiting spectators, canceling non-essential in-person gatherings, and moving some activities or meetings online. It is also likely more meetings and events outside of the school day will be affected or move online as we work to reduce virus transmission rates. 

Please note that changes to school-level activities, like extracurricular activities and athletics, will be communicated by each school directly with their affected students and families.

Because of the uncertainty moving forward, it’s important for families to have a contingency plan in place for their students if major changes occur with before- and after-school programs and activities, or the school day itself. With any new precautions or major changes, NCSD will work to notify families as soon as possible.”

Risk Management Director David Kruse shared the most recent information about tracing cases and possible cases within the district.  “The District’s top priority remains to protect the health and wellbeing of our students and staff while ensuring successful, full-time in-person instruction. ”   The district continues to share the importance of fully wearing a mask over the mouth and nose, washing hands, and remaining at least 6-feet distant from another person, if possible.  


      Isolation   Quarantine   In Process
      (Positive Cases)   (Exposed/Close Contacts)   (Pending)
Week Ending Total Contacts   Employees Students Total   Employees Students Total    
12/3/2021 244   3 43 46   0 102 102   0
12/10/2021 168   7 14 21   0 79 79   0
12/17/2021 175   6 15 21   0 72 72   0
1/1-5/2022* 766   38 117 155   2 30 32   513
(3 school days)                      
Valued as of 1/5 at 2:00 PM