CHS Winter Blitz

Seeking Unity in Charity


Bags ready for distribution.

Raffy Bulaclac, Reporter

Winter Blitz: a Clackamas High School tradition that has truly stood the test of time, now returns after a long year of hardship, which COVID-19 has brought to the world. Cindy Rochester, the long-time organizer of this event for 4 years, speaks on the timeliness of Winter Blitz making its return debut this Christmas season.

Giving back for the Yuletide has always been a running archetype in the Media; Winter Blitz is once again teaching students at Clackamas High School this lesson of selfless sharing. She suggests the reason why this annual tradition still stands strong as it has, despite the split of the high schools, is thanks to the value this has to the community. Students, as well as staff, have already realized the weight of continuing the Winter Blitz, making them strive even harder to secure a bountiful and serendipitous holiday season for North Clackamas families. 

The covid season has made it hard for anyone to do anything, and Winter Blitz certainly was no exception. Despite last year’s Blitz being the busiest and most demanding of years, it was, unfortunately, one of the most understaffed years as well, with about eight people helping out. Although this year, finally seeing the Key Club, a student organization in Clackamas High School, buying gifts, running canned food drives, and caring for the community, puts a smile on Rochester’s face.


Even in the harsh cold December brings to Oregon, Christmas Blitz has warmed the hearts of the cheerful givers here at CHS. Through the years, this tradition has truly been embedded in the minds of learners who have donated, fond memories they’ll never forget, and lessons they hold dear. Be that as it may, Rochester says that it’s just as impactful for those who receive as to those that give.  


Rochester retells her “why”. She recounts the exact moment she found the meaning of Winter Blitz and found the inspiration to keep this celebration of cheer going. “I think for me the why I do this is because of [a couple of years ago]… I had a family that requested a vacuum cleaner. And you know I took it for granted; it was just a vacuum cleaner.” Rochester states. “When I gave it to the Father, he started crying. He was so grateful to get it and he was so emotional.” The man told Rochester that he’d been sweeping his carpet for over a year so his kids wouldn’t be embarrassed. “I was like wow, that’s my life, to [give to] a family something that I take for granted and make it change his life.” 


Winter Blitz uplifts Clackamas’ sense of Community in ways no other social event could fathom. Yes, The high school is known for its yearly act of charity, but Rochester believes more than that, it unites the High School. Where cliques dissolve, popularity becomes nothing but a word, and reputation holds no weight. Winter Blitz humbles, it unites, and it unifies; all a testament to the gravity the act of giving holds on all of us.   

Editor’s Note: This year, Winter Blitz is serving 360 families at 6 different locations: Clackamas High School, Lot Whitcomb Elementary School, Milwaukie Lutheran Church, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Creator Lutheran Church and Valley View Church. With the event coming up this Saturday, December 11th, donations continue to be highly appreciated and can include clothing, toys, financial help and anything else collecting dust around your home; They can be dropped off in room 306 at CHS. On the Winter Blitz website, those looking to contribute are also able to find an Amazon wishlist and a link to buy shirts that go towards funding purchases for the event.