Fighting Period Poverty

Fighting Period Poverty

AJ Sugg, Senior Reporter

With the pandemic going on it doesn’t make it easy for people struggling with financial hardships–especially women and people who have menstrual cycles. This combined with the high prices of sanitary napkins creates what is known as “period poverty”. The definition of period poverty is being unable to afford sanitary napkins and tampons because of financial hardships. This very issue is what motivated Kate Snyder, a senior at Adrienne C. Nelson High School, to create her organization called Giving to our Gals. Through this organization, she collects pads, tampons, and other sanitary items and donates them to women in need. “I was in eighth grade, I saw a Vice YouTube video about it and I was like, wow, this is a problem. Someone should do something about it.” Snyder says. She explains how she stumbled across a video focusing on this ongoing challenge no one’s talking about and how this inspired her to create her organization.

But this wasn’t easy. Snyder had little to no network when she started. “I ended up sophomore year going on this app called Next Door- where you connect with neighbors and I was like, hey, if I hosted this drive would anyone donate? So, I just go pick up period products from random people who are willing to donate to me. And then I give them to the various shelters that I do research on.” Snyder explains. 

Having access to period products do more than just allow individuals to feel clean and deal with menstrual cycles. Snyder’s impact is much deeper. “If I get products to donate to these women,” she explains, “these women are gonna have the opportunity to do so much more because $8 can go to food instead of pads.” 

It’s easy to assume that these products aren’t that expensive. This is why this issue isn’t really discussed amongst people in political power. Snyder comments on this issue, “You’re so disconnected because you don’t know what money is worth.” That’s why having conversations about period poverty is so important. 

For more information on donating to Giving to our Gals, please visit their website through Instagram via @givingtoourgals.