CDL Instruction Continues Through February

“It is so complex. I hope (Utterback’s) not reconsidering or regretting his decision.” – Board Member, Tory McVay.


Cassandra Roshu and Isabelle Silva

The Board of Directors of the North Clackamas School District (NCSD), have made the decision to continue Comprehensive Distance Learning, until February 9, 2021, unless the Oregon health matrix changes for the state and Clackamas County.

Superintendent Matt Utterback, during the School Board meeting Thursday night,  recommended the continuation of K-12 comprehensive distance education through the second quarter. Under direction from the Board,  the superintendent is authorized to operate small group instruction services on school campuses according to state guidelines, to facilitate high school athletic groups’ access to district fields beginning November 2nd, and to allow a revisitation of the timeline if COVID-19 Oregon health metrics change.

Board Director Mitzi Bauer cited the recent Saturday public meeting, where she said, there was a 50/50 split on how safe it would be for those at high risk of COVID-19 if the district were to reopen.

Director Tory McVay said,  “It’s so complex, I hope  [Utterback’s] not reconsidering or regretting his decision.” 

Board Chair Libra Forde mentioned “we hear you” and the board has taken into account the community’s feedback. She stated that they are making decisions based on data and feedback, but only 20% of the district voices their opinions and that they need to hear from everyone. “Sometimes you feel a certain way but that doesn’t mean that everybody feels the same way and we’re trying to make the best decision for all, not just a few.” 

All board members vote “aye” for the motion of the superintendent’s recommendations.