Social Media: A Cheater’s Paradise

Lacey Joseph, Senior News Reporter

Social Media is something this generation uses on a daily basis. Many teens spend a massive amount of time, give lots of attention and even spend tons of money on sites for gaming, dating, and other interests. Students are solely dependent on their devices even in a classroom environment. Now, students say the best way to use social media is by using their devices as a way to cheat on their assignments. If a student has forgotten their ‘class notes’ or ‘study guide’, they still have their cellphone handy. Students admit they find social media as an easy way to cheat on ‘tests’, ‘quizzes’ and even ‘assignments’.

Three students were asked the same seven questions, yet each had different responses to those questions. Legeci Franklin-Bay was asked if she uses social media and she shared she does every day, which isn’t out of the norm for a teen. She’s says that she found herself preferring using social media rather than calls or texts in communicating. When asked if she had heard classmates talk about assignments being sent to others through social media, she admitted,  “Throughout most of my middle school and high school years, I have heard students talk and even brag about how ‘this person sent them last night’s homework’ etc…”   She says students’ favorite social media app is Snapchat.

 Ryan Thomas also attends Rex Putnam. He estimates he is online about four hours a day. Ryan uses social media as the main source to connect with friends and family. When asked which social media was his favorite, Ryan responded, “Snapchat, for sure.  He says it is very easy to contact friends and easy to find people you want to find. Ryan mentions that he has heard classmates ‘joke’ about group chats being made for assignments. Once asked which social media he believes is the most popular, Ryan says that he believes it is Snapchat.

 Benjamin Stock, a student at RPHS, says he spends around four hours a day on social media. Benjamin uses social media as a source to connect with friends. He states, “Social media allows me to have a constant conversation with people, instead of being bored at home alone.” Once asked which social media he prefers, Benjamin had a few different preferences but he says, “It is a toss-up between Instagram and Snapchat.” Benjamin has heard students talk about assignments that had been sent through social media years back, he states, “Group chats on Snapchat are most popular for this now.”

Allison Quarles, a Chemistry teacher at Rex Putnam High School, says “I am a fan of social media myself and I use it from time to time. I believe that 99.9 percent of my students use or at least have social media.” Quarles admits that she has had problems with her students cheating in her classroom. Quarles states, “The ability to take pictures and share them could have something to do with social media yet there is no evidence.” She has heard about group chats being used for homework, essays, and other assignments. 

Specific details of how many students may be using social media to cheat or share assignment is unknown but it seems social media is being used to do a lot more than just share pictures.