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The Race Is On and Students Ask The Questions

KNCB Anchor Interviews Candidates

Zach Murray

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Last night, October 2, 2018 was the Oregon’s Governor’s Debate at Roosevelt High School with Governor Kate Brown the Democratic candidate, Knute Buehler the Republican candidate, and Independent Patrick Starnes. At the debate, 15 students asked their own questions to the three candidates.

High school student Dazon Sigodrove, from the Umatilla Reservation near Pendleton asked his question of the candidates. “I have to take into account what’s going on because it’s going to affect me one day and it’s affecting me” he said. Sigodrove said he didn’t want much except for more attention to his school and similar charter schools.

The main issue during the debate was education. One of the questioners, 15-year-old Rose Lawrence of Portland, asked about the safety of LGBTQ students in public schools.  The candidates failed to answer her question the first time. She appeared frustrated that Brown and Buehler answered about bullying more broadly and  did not offer specifics regarding issues impacting LGBTQ students. The answer she eventually received from Brown was that Brown’s  education plan is specifically geared toward making sure that LGBTQ students are safe and her job is to make sure those policies are implemented.

Jake Bushman, KNCB’s news anchor was able to interview Governor Kate Brown about health care and education following the debate.Knute Buehler was not able to be interviewed saying he was in a rush and had no time for questions.


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The Race Is On and Students Ask The Questions