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Traveling For Life

Cian Blair, Staff Reporter

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“Traveling can be on of the toughest things to do, especially for teens traveling by themselves,” Agathe said. “My first time coming to America, without my family and not knowing the people that I am going to stay with frightened me,” Agathe. A thirteen hour flight later I have arrived in the PXD airport, with the Blair family waiting to pick me up from the customs hall.

“I was a french student at Clackamas High School, Madame Jervis, the teacher was a friend of the Barbery, and asked me if I would be willing to house Agathe for four weeks of the summer in july, after a long talk with my dad and asking he finally said yes!,” Andromeda Said. Andromeda talked back and forth over email discussing the events that would take place when she arrives.

“I was very tired after that flight it was three hours to Amsterdam and after a long layover ten hours to the US, it took a lot of energy and all I wanted to do was sleep,” Agathe said. “‘Did you want to get some food’, are you hungry that is what Mr. Blair asked I was so scared to be alone in a new place that my stomach could not take food, so I just asked to go the the house,’” said Agathe.


It was day and and the Blairs had many events planned for the next weeks to come, but today on July first it was Cian’s birthday. Agathe and the Blairs went to celebrate it. The next few weeks flew, the Blairs and Agathe closely bonded and “thought of eachother has siblings,” Agathe and the Blairs said, But now sadly it was time for their new French sister to go back home.


At the airport they all tried to keep the tears in, “but by the time Cian and I hugged we both started balling, and that’s what set off the chain reaction and all of my new family was crying,” Agathe said, but now it was time for her to get back on her plane. The Blairs wait and watch Agathes plane fly away into a mid days sun, it was one of the hardest moments of the Blairs lives, for they’ve made a new sister and had to let her leave with the possibility of never seeing her again.


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Traveling For Life