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Carley Beatty, Staff Reporter

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Jimmy Kimmel states that many people who are interviewed at random, lie about what they know. To prove this theory, Jimmy has set up multiple interviews through his “Lie Witness News” series. Based on information gathered from various sources interviewed, Jimmy has found that people make up their own opinions based on matters they know nothing about, or facts that aren’t even real facts.

Vanessa Khrul is a Junior at Clackamas High School. She is 17 years old and has 3 younger sisters. She lives in Happy Valley, OR and wants to go to school to become a dental hygienist. Vanessa appears to be a very honest person, but will she be caught in a lie in the face of an interview?

April 9, 2018, Vanessa Khrul has an interview set up in the East campus cafeteria at Clackamas High School. She is being asked a few questions concerning political issues and facts, some which are not even true. The goal of this interview is to learn the general understanding of a local student. Also, when faced with fake questions, will Vanessa admit to ignorance or pretend to know what the interviewer is asking or stating.

At 12pm in the afternoon on Monday, April 9th, Vanessa is ready for her interview. The first question she is being faced with is “What is Donald Trump’s most famous slogan?” Her response is accurate… “Make America Great Again.” Question after question, Vanessa’s responses are correct. There were only 2/10 questions that she did not know the answer to but didn’t try to cover it up with a lie. She was very upfront and honest whenever faced with a question she didn’t know the answer to: Vanessa simply took a guess and ended up being correct, or said “I don’t know.”

A few of the questions Vanessa was asked did not even concern real pieces of information. For example, when asked “What do you know about Trump’s wife being pregnant?,” Vanessa’s response was “She’s not pregnant…” She did not lie and pretend she did know his wife was supposedly pregnant.

There are many people who lie when being interviewed, but there are also many people who admit to ignorance when they don’t have all the answers. Vanessa is one of those people who admits to ignorance when she does not have the answer. She has proven that not all people do lie when being interviewed about fake information.

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