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Vaping High Schoolers

Shelby Schrein, Staff Reporter

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Tar, rat poison, nicotine, lighter fluid, candle wax, rocket fluid, toilet cleaner. These are some of the horrible ingredients that are in these white and orange sticks we call cigarettes. Cigarettes have been really big since the 1970s, ever since then scientist have been finding the cancerous chemicals that are inside of a cigarette. So people have been making things like vapes and e-cigarettes. Recently people have been comparing cigarettes and Vapes as the same thing, but in reality, vapes are nowhere near as harmful as cigarettes, according to health experts.


The least harmful ingredient in a cigarette is nicotine, people or miss lead because they think nicotine is what gives you cancer nicotine is will get you addicted to the product. When it comes to Vapes you can choose what level of nicotine you want in it by choosing the juice, for example you can get zero nicotine or up to 24 nicotine. In a cigarette you have no option. The absolute lowest is 6 and the highest is 20 if you choose. Aside from the nicotine Vape juice is just distilled water, artificial flavoring, and an oil lubricant that’s used in things like vitamins. People think it’s the same because the nicotine but because of the ingredients and the huge difference in them it’s very obvious that one is deadly and one is not.


Interviewing a few kids that are from clackamas high school who know about the vaping have a lot to say about it. “ Adults get the wrong impression of vapes” says a teenager that would like to stay anonymous. “ It’s not as big of a deal as people think it is, it’s really not that deep “. When a huge dilemma happened at Clackamas High School with the cheerleading team it was a pretty big deal. A girl was vaping on a video posted on another peers story and was instantly kicked off the team with barely any hesitation. “ adults judge us a lot for doing it or shake their heads at us but they don’t understand it at all, everyone assumes they know everything but they don’t know about this”. Says the student from clackamas.


This is a very large problem now with teenager and adults. With adults not knowing a lot about this situation they assume a lot and think it’s like marijuana products or like cigarettes when it’s nowhere close to that. A student that was interviewed that also does not want to be named also says they have stuff to say about this. “ it’s ridiculous that so many laws have been made about it” says a student from Putnam high school. The law in Oregon is now that you have to be 21 to buy or go into a vape shop. They haven’t done many studies on it they just put it next to cigarettes and assume that’s what it is.


In conclusion, the difference between vaping and cigarettes is very much different, even juuls are different from cigarettes. The difference in ingredients and after effects of the three are extremely different. “ The way that some adults are handling the situation of vaping and juuling is completely irrational “, says the student from clackamas. “ Before you judge us for what we are doing look up the facts and differences between the three”. Distilled water and tar and rat poison are very different, and so are cigarettes and vapes.

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Vaping High Schoolers