Take Control

Cadence Ciupryk, Reporter

Body image has become a very touchy subject among teenagers and young adults. Even now, some children as young as ten and under have low self esteem and would change many things about their bodies when there is nothing wrong in the first place. Social media and  models set an unrealistic body figure for younger people, when it doesn’t even matter what you look like just as long as you are healthy. Many people suffer from eating disorders around 30 million people suffer from an eating disorder at any age. Every 62 minutes someone dies from an eating disorder, with anorexia being the most deadly eating disorder. Many people are unhappy with their body weight or their appearance and go on and do hours of working out, often going overboard with exercise.  But ,when it is the healthy amount of exercise and eating, it does nott matter what you look like as long as you stick with it, love yourself, and are as healthy as you can be, according to physicians.

An example of a healthy body transformation that made the person more healthy and confident is of Janelle Wagner. She was working on her body goal of being more healthy and sticking with a healthy exercise routine to be healthy and doing what makes her feel good for awhile now.

“I started with a 30-minute workout each morning, by beachbody. Seven days of workouts. I was part of a supportive Facebook group where we checked in and supported each other.”  When she first started like anyone was the hardest, “The first week was the worst. After leg day I almost fell down the stairs, but I stuck with it because I had a goal and a support group cheering me along the way.”   Her motivation and willpower really showed when she kept herself going and not letting herself give up, “I made a rule for myself. I couldn’t leave my bedroom until my workout was finished. So I would just get it done. After a few weeks it became a routine. After I lost 50 pounds I was motivated.” 

Her success and the support from the Facebook group kept her on her feet and doing what she loved.  They  helped her achieve what she really wanted to do for herself,  “My reason for doing it was I didn’t like that going up the stairs winded me and i’d lose my breath. I wanted to be able to hike and enjoy the outdoors. So I decided to get on it.”  In doing so she got to do that exactly, “After a while I kinda got addicted to being outside and walking. Then I decided to give running a try. That was pretty short lived. I think I did three weeks of couch to 5K. Not my jam.” 

Janelle Wagner is one of many people learning that if we are healthy we can accomplish so much and our goals can be made and we can succeed our expectation of what we thought we could ever do. “Success breeds success.”