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Rex Putnam High School

And Then They Came For Me

November 3,4,10,11 @ 7pm

November 5,12 @ 2pm

A unique theatrical experience: a multimedia play that combines videotaped interviews with Holocaust survivors Ed Silverberg and Eva Schloss with live actors recreating scenes from their lives during World War II.This play was directed by the wonderful Julie Askers.
Charlotte’s Web

December 7,8,9 @7pm

December 9th @2pm

All the enchanting characters are here: Wilbur, the irresistible young pig who desperately wants to avoid the butcher; Fern, a girl who understands what animals say to each other; Templeton, the gluttonous rat who can occasionally be talked into a good deed; the Zuckerman family; the Arables; and, most of all, the extraordinary spider, Charlotte, who proves to be “a true friend and a good writer.” This childhood play is directed by Kelly Marchant a teacher at Rex Putnam High School.

Clackamas High School

Annie The Musical

November 3,4,10,11 @ 7pm

November 5,12 @2pm

Annie is a musical  that the Clackamas High School is putting on with their Theater department. Annie is an old time play that has won over 7 tony awards and is one world wide phenomenon and has reached over 50 million audiences around the world. It is a loveable and a kid friendly play that everyone loves and joys. The play is based on a little girl that is an orphan and her mission is to find her family. A charm that her mother gave her when she was little she is determined to find her biological parents. With the help of the other girls in her orphanage she escapes, and brings her journey in 1930’s New York City. As Annie always says “ The sun will come out tomorrow.

Review on the Play “And Then They Came For Me”At Rex Putnam High School

On November 8th I attended to the play “And  Then They Came For Me” to remember the world of Anne Frank and the world of world war 2. The play was very interesting and very educational to the people that never knew what the Holocaust was or how it happened. They all spoke as if they really were the characters, and they acted as if they were really living in that time period. All the actors each had a role to play that may have been hard for them to portray. After the play was over they had a talk back which is where you ask questions about how playing an important role was challenging or other questions you would like to ask. I was over hearing these questions and one of the answers really stood out to me.

“ What was the hardest scene that you had to do during the show and how did it impact you?” a student asked. The actor replied“ I think the hardest part was when we did they leaving seen when I would have to leave my family, and their my friends so when I did that scene it felt like I was leaving my friends behind and that was hard.”  All theses actors had to play a role that was very challenging and they had to get into their character understand how that person was in real life, and how they acted when they were in that period of time. As each scene went on they weren’t talking like they were talking to each other they were telling us the story what was going on what was happening and how it happened.

Maxwell Walsh, an actor at Rex Putnam starts in the play “And Then They Came For Me” plays a Nazi soldier, which he is not to vocal on. But he still appreciates his role because “he finds it very interesting seeing this event right before his eyes”, Maxwell explains. I then got to this two girls Brynn and Adalie, that auditioned for Charlotte’s Web. They don’t know if they will get the part, but they had a very enjoyable time. It was a very heartbreaking story and something someone should tell for a very very very long time so children can get the understanding of what this actually means in the world. They took me to places that I never thought I could see or understand they showed me a new side of history and what actually happened in the period of time they showed me that stuff like this can happen even though you didn’t know it could. The show proved itself that no matter what age or person can act as if they were really living in this time.

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