• Congressman Kurt Schrader Talks About Impeachment Inquiry to the Compass Wednesday.
  • Congressman Kurt Schrader Talks About Impeachment Inquiry to Compass Wednesday.

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March 15, 2018

Clackamas Middle College Plans Walk-Out

March 1, 2018

As part of the National March For Our Lives events being held this month, students from Clackamas Middle College in the North Clackamas School District have posted online that they will be marching out of class.  The event,...

The Truth in Journalism Matters

Mira Heineman, Staff Reporter

January 30, 2018

There has been a lot of controversy regarding “fake news” lately.  President Donald Trump claims that CNN, The Washington Post, and New York Times are fake news. How can you be sure whether the news you watch or read...

Taxes and Giving

January 29, 2018

What Is Normal?

January 24, 2018

They Live Under The Stars

They Live Under The Stars

December 11, 2017


Madison Lueck, Staff Reporter

December 8, 2017

This real story is about a 14- year old girl. To protect her identity we will be calling her “Alice Rose.” Alice Rose was only thirteen when the incident happened.“The incident happened over a 2 day period.” Alice shared...

The North Korean Threat

Luke Nearwood and Alex Wacker

November 14, 2017

  Over the last seventy years, North Korea has continued to expand their nuclear knowledge and weaponry. Today, North Korea is believed to have around one-thousand ballistic missiles. Some of which can potentially reach...

Freshman Chosen As Editor In Chief


October 23, 2017

Ruby Webb has been named the Editor-In-Chief of the Compass Online Newspaper for the North Clackamas School District. The Milwaukie High School freshman will be managing the staff of 25 during the 2017-18 school year.   This...

Gorge Fire Update

Bryndon Campbell, Reporter

October 23, 2017

“Throwing a firework into an area that’s tinder dry is not a sound decision.” says Jonathan Scheirman, with Clackamas Fire District 1, Station 15. Scheirman spent nine days on the front lines of the fire as an inc...

Bomb Threat at Rex Putnam High School

Gabrielle Ramsthel, Reporter

September 29, 2017

Bomb threat at RPHS.

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