Governor Brown Halts Flavored E-Cigarettes in Oregon


Inside a store where items can be found and bought.

 Governor Kate Brown has just issued a 180-day ban on all flavored e-cigarettes by executive order among escalating vaping – related lung illness epidemic. The governor’s order did not say exactly when the ban would be enforced, although Brown is looking at long-term enforcement. Oregon’s ban on e-cigarettes lines up with other states focusing on youth nicotine addiction to severe lung illness. Eight Oregonians have been affected by vape products, resulting in illness and two deaths. State health officials have claimed that they are unsure why Oregon’s victims have fallen ill. In the United States, 1,000 people have been impacted by the unknown illness that is linked to vaping, and there have been at least 18 deaths. 

Students in North Clackamas School District had some mixed reactions regarding the announcement that was made from the Governor just before noon on Friday. Gabriel McNiece, a senior at Clackamas High School says “I think the majority of people that actually care about the situation either do vape or have vaped or like know people that do vape will probably view it as something to be afraid of because there are already people who have died from these modern vapes that are not actually the basic ones purchase at these stores.” 

Jared Martin, a senior at Senor at Clackamas High School said, “I feel like a good number probably like,  good 30- 40% will be mad.” When asked about how students will react physically to banning the devices he shared some concerns, “Well, I feel like kids who are already addicted to vaping, they’re already doing a pretty good job of like, not going into cigarettes. Because I feel like the number of teens who smoke cigarettes is pretty low. And I feel like the kids are addicted may end up going to cigarettes.”

Ocean Lavoie, also a student at Clackamas High School, was asked how he thinks his school would react to the sudden changes, stated, “The School [Clackamas] is probably going to be like, ‘This is a great move by Kate Brown’. The people in the school, however, are going to be divided because some people just don’t care because they don’t vape.”

Cathy Morrison, the Oregon Executive Director of the American Lung Association knows says that the e-cigarettes are not safe and have not been proven to be an efficient smoking sensation. Morrison claims that it is much too early to tell the long term effects of using the devices. Morrison was asked whether or not the ban will bring change. She stated, “Yes the ban will bring change. I am 100% in with the governor, I believe it is a wonderful move to protect the youth.”