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MHS Reviews School Safety Protocols

Demolish of MHS

Demolish of MHS

Scott A. Tice

Scott A. Tice

Demolish of MHS

Carley Beatty, News Editdor

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In the United States, according to a recent report by CNN, 23 school shootings occured within the first 21 weeks of 2018. These events have caused renewed gun control debate in the country as the safety of students is questioned.

As the new school year begins, students at Milwaukie High School and the Milwaukie Academy of the Arts have begun asking questions. MHS/MAA  students are currently attending class in modulars built on the football field while their school undergoes construction. This change has caused concerns to be raised about the well-being of the students. With big changes happening at Milwaukie students still have not heard anything about what to do if there was a school shooting.

Administrators and teachers at MHS had a meeting with the Milwaukie Police Department to get information about what to do if there was a school shooting. Student leaders at the school report they have not had any information shared with them about new procedures. The procedure, according to some teachers at the building, is to remove the lockblock, bring down the blinds, turn off the lights and wait in the corner until there is an announcement to leave the buildings.The biggest concern voiced by  MHS students is that the bell and announcements cannot be heard when students are on the walkways in between the classrooms.

If there is a school shooting, and the announcement is sent over the intercom, students on the walkways would not be aware of the present danger as there are no speakers for them to hear the warning. Students from both Rex Putnam and Clackamas report they know their school shooting procedures and feel safe going to school. Both schools are not undergoing the same complete upgrade at their school buildings.

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MHS Reviews School Safety Protocols