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CHS Royal Regalia Ball

Katja Reich, Journalism 1

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‘Let’s dance’ was the motto of the CHS students who are part of a dance class first semester. To demonstrate their work over the semester, a royal dance ball at the Pacific Crest Grand Ballroom in Oregon City was arranged for Jan. 21 from 7-10 p.m.

Carrie Jo Vincent, dance, prepared her students to learn three main dances: Tango, Cha Cha and the Waltz. All of them have been practiced for the past eight weeks and actually put together as a showcase, in the last three weeks.

Part of the evening was to teach the visitors the three dances, and in the end a group lesson is arranged, where everyone will learn the basic steps of the East Coast Swing and Night Club 2 Step.

Visitors were families of the dance students, and CHS kids. Since the dance will be a big part of the final for the students, they are required to come. All in all, about 400 people were expected, since this was the amount of people in the years before.

Tickets sold at the bookkeeper on the West Campus of the CHS. Family tickets cost $15 and single tickets were sold for $7.

The dress code for the ball was semi formal and everyone wore something expressing royalty to them.

“I am going to wear a black suit with a silver shirt, and a white tie, white belt, and a white G-Shock, ” Anthony Amato, junior, said.

Levi Clark, junior, shared he wore “a black suit, a vest and a nice tie.”

Kristina Plum, junior, was a guest at the dance and had been really “excited to go shopping for a nice dress.”

Live music was played by the CHS orchestra and free water was available.

Vincent said she was really pleased with the hard work of the “awesome students,” because “it is amazing how much they learned in such a short amount of time. The students learned so much, and now my biggest wish for the dance is just that everyone has fun dancing, stays healthy and enjoys the evening!”

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CHS Royal Regalia Ball