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Winter Rage dress up days: bang or bust?

Jesse Waian

Levi Clark, CHS junior, unleased his inner nerd Dec. 6 for Winter Rage dress-up days.

Jesse Waian and Joelene Carroll

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Monday, December 5th - Ugly Sweater Day

Winter Rage week kicked off on Monday Dec. 5, as the students of CHS pulled out the frumpiest Christmas sweaters around and wore them proudly around the halls. Students of all grade levels and social backgrounds participated in order to show school spirit and their support of Winter Rage. However, not everyone dressed up. Even though he would have liked but Sheldon Hilton, sophomore, didn’t know why he didn’t dress up for Ugly Sweater Day, but felt it was because he “had so much going on.” Although being too busy to shop for dress up days was a common problem among many students, there were still plenty of enthusiastic students who dressed up. Ugly Sweater Day was definitely a hit, and a great opening to Rage week. Status: Bang

Tuesday, December 6th - Nerd Day

This theme was clearly a favorite among the students of CHS during Rage week as nearly half of the school showed their support by dressing up. It was a sea of 3D movie glasses, plaid shirts and pants two sizes too small in the hallways on Tuesday. Everyone had smiles on their faces as they saw their fellow classmates dressed up as “dorks.” “I like nerd day because it gives everyone the chance to look stupid,” Taylor Whitehead, sophomore, said. She wasn’t the only one claiming “Nerd Day” was definitely the best themed day of Winter Rage. Status: Bang

Wednesday, December 7th - Fake and Injury Day

While the title sounds humorous and potentially memorable, the actual day itself was overall lacking in participation and creativity. CHS students were sadly, a healthy bunch of teenagers on Wednesday, walking around as usual and missing the cuts and bruises which were supposed to be covering their faces. However, there were a few creative students who looked as if they belonged in a hospital and not a school. Covered in fake blood, bandages, black eyes and scabs, these few students wondered the halls scaring their fellow teachers and classmates because ultimately, most people forgot that it was Fake an Injury Day. Status: Bust

Thursday, December 8th - Pajama Day

Students woke up at the crack of the dawn to wear pajama apparel of all sorts. Many people dressed up and participated in this dreamlike day and it turned out to be a success. This day was almost effortless, due to the fact that all the students had to do in order to participate in PJ day was roll out of bed. “I noticed that nerd day and PJ day were the most popular for spirit week,” Destinee Fisher, senior, commented. “I think we should have PJ day more often!” Status: Bang

Friday, December 9th - Seasonal Day

‘Tis the season to be jolly! CHS shined its pride and glory with festive apparel on Friday. Supporting families in need, students were spreading cheer all throughout the halls with cozy reindeer sweaters, jiggling antlers and other festive attire. The most sported look among students was the classic Santa Clause hat. “I think spirit week this year was both successful and unsuccessful. Some days people dressed up, and others not so much. I saw a lot of people dressed up in pajamas and festive clothes,” Kristina Belaya, junior, said. Even teachers and faculty felt the spirit, wearing festive outfits as well. Status: Bang  
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Winter Rage dress up days: bang or bust?