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Over 34,000 cans worth of food gathered

Carlie Hughs

MHS annual canned food drive.

Carlie Hughes, Graphics Editor

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Each year, MHS holds a canned food drive. The entire students and staff are encouraged to bring in cans of food and cash donations. All proceeds go to charity and those in need in the community. With the difficult economy and high unemployment rates, many families struggle during the holidays and go hungry, but with the contributions from MHS, far fewer have to go without food. This year is no different. “It is important to take care of those who are hurting, hungry, hopeless and in need,” Marty Wilkins, math teacher, stated. The drive ran from Nov. 28 to Dec. 9 and was organized by the student leadership group. Over the course of the week, cans were left in Day 2, Period 2 classes. On Dec. 9, cans were collected and totaled for each room to determine the first, second and third ranking Day 2, Period 2 class, regardless of grade. Then, a grand total is calculated. Final numbers and ranks are announced the following Monday. This year’s goal was 60,000 cans. Classes less inclined to gather cans have resorted to other methods of fund raising. Heidi Pullen’s, English, Day 2 Period 2 class organized a coffee bar which charged 50 cents for a small cup of coffee and $1 for a large. At the end of the week, the student body collected 2,884 cans and $3,942.32 in cash resulting in 34,423 cans worth of total donations. Although MHS did not meet its goal, the proceeds were being donated to the Milwaukie Lions Elks Club and a check sent out to the Oregon Food Bank . Marty Wilkin’s, math, class came in first for the competition, with 6,814 cans of food. Robert Lippi’s, math, came in second with 3,541 and Mr. Linman’s, science, in third with 2,095 cans.
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Over 34,000 cans worth of food gathered